● Architectural flower
A great flower of metal masses, made of a minus curved surface is installed in ARCHI-FIORE as a concept using “pop art”, and by doing so I intended to enhance the identity of commercial buildings.
To respond to context, to give identity as commercial building, the shape of this project has been curved shape like flower.
We expect this complex building will be the architectural flower as land mark of this town.

● Flying street
We extended existing road in front of this site to this project which is the vertical town consisted with complex programs of architecture, coffee shop, restaurant, office and house.
Dynamic stairways are flying from 1st floor at front road up to roof garden at the top of 6th floor, strolling on various routes of this vertical town.
We don’t want this complex building is considered as one building but the small town consisted with 4 buildings of indipendance.

● Dialogue with round gymnasium and curved shape.
The most influential existence of surrounding site is huge, gymnasium of round shape in the disorganized surrounding context.
To dialogize with the round mass of gymnasium, We designed this project as curved shape which is derived from the minus curve of traditional Korean roof.

● The curve of traditional roof of Korea.
We hoped to give this project the identity as commercial building, so applied minus curve of traditional roof of Korea to be harmonized with round gymnasium.
And in the house, we floated curved mass of family room over the living room, It looks and feels like “floating roof” of living room.



Structure : Concrete rahmen
Exterior finishing : Colored aluminum sheet
Interior finishing : Exposed concrete, Lacquer, Concrete block, Wood flooring

Kim Ji-Yeon, Oh Mi-Hwa


Sergio Pirrone