Our client Mecaplast which is a french automative company asked us to design a research and development building for them. They wanted a building which could be built in a short period of time with an economical budget. The building should house 60 people in the beginning but it should be suitable for growing in the future. An outdoors smoking area was also asked for.

We designed a modular building to be made of containers as a solution to the restriciton of limited construction time and budget.

An iconic arch was designed to break the monotony of the containers on the facade.On the other facade the smoking balcony helped to break the monotony.

The transparent surfaces of the building were wrapped with a metal mesh to provide heat and acoustic insulation in addition to the dinamism it brought to the facade



PROJECT TYPE: ARCHITECTURAL - INTERIORS / Function: OFFICE - INDUSTRIAL / Project: Mecaplast R&D Building / Task: Architectural Project + Control / Project Area: 1.600 sqm / Project Place: TOSB-Gebze / Project Date: 2010 / Construction Date: 2011