Architecture and Design both have an effect on us mentally and physically, on what we do and how we interact in space, including our appropriate ones. Influence us beyond the visual. It is a means of interaction and communication with nature and society.

Design and art influence human behavior and when art inhabits the wall of a house, it goes beyond the first look in galleries to become part of the sensory and emotional universe of everyday life of people who live with it, making and producing a human psyche. vehicle that conducts mental and emotional decompression that provoke moments of immense individual pleasure.

The Diamont house emerged from the organization of a circular space on the ground floor suggested by the characteristics of the corner lot. The cylindrical volume of the building, elevated 6 meters above street level, results in the absence of a façade, discarding the perspective of a single point of view.

The Diamont House sprouts on the ground like a precious stone cut in Minas Gerais, the affectionate name given by the Architect Gustavo Bellini to the design of the front glass skin that seals the room's environment and opens a panoramic view that offers a 180º external view, leading to a landscape from the Crystal Valley in Nova Lima to the Interior of the House.

Designed in the Biophilic Design concept using constructive elements such as therapeutic effects through nature within the environment such as the waterfall over the pool, in the environments, natural light entering through the glass skin, and balconies in all rooms make the landscaped surroundings of the Vale dos condominium crystals is attached to the inside of it.

The interior of the House was designed as a loft where the bedroom is fully integrated into the bedroom through the glass partitions of the cinex sliding doors.
The lighting pieces add depth to the spaces in order to increase the atmosphere by the linear design of the luminaires.
Mixture of textures between marble, wood and concrete differ by dividing the spaces.
The living room's floor is a spectacle in the back of the living room's colorful furniture and fireplace.



The multi faceted glass skin gives integration between interior and connects the external nature the architecture and design of this house built on top of the condominium with stunning views of the city of Nova Lima, Brazil.

Danielle Bellini