The shopping street project of Linan Weixi Park is located in Weixi Waterfront Park, Lin'an, Hangzhou. The land-use of the plots is for commercial use. The plot ratio is 1.3 and the floor area is 20715 square meters. The design goal is to create a new type of art theme in commercial space, present the local culture characteristics, integrate a new way of life into the business leisure activities, and lead a new life of leisure fashion for lin'an citizen. It has become a new landmark of Lin'an commercial space with diverse scenes and shops.
To make a "new humanistic life complex" of the project, including new art-themed commercial space, reflecting local humanistic characteristics, integrating a new lifestyle into the commercial leisure business, and leading a new life of leisure and fashion for all people in Lin'an. It will become a new landmark of commercial space in Lin'an with one store and one feature.
It draws on traditional settlement pattern shape, according to the corresponding elements of the environment surrounding the site, forming a free Smart rich neighborhoods space to create dynamic and comfortable business experience. The urban interface and the natural landscape interface form spatial patterns with different personalities, making them in a dialogue and coordination.
Architectural Language Generation-Response to Regional Cultural CharacteristicsDrawing on the architectural form of the local traditional Huizhou residences, extracting characteristic elements, and reinterpreting the architectural form with modern materials and architectural techniques, the modern fashion contains local cultural characteristics and forms a dialogue between the new and the old.



Building Area: 24000 sqm

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