Zanzibar beach Resort.Our new project in development in the northern parts of Zanzibar island. An innovative luxury hotel resort architectural planning & design #planning based on the interpretation of the local traditional elements- fisherman's boat sails and natural sea treasures, sea stars and coral textures. *Hotel suite rooms/ pool restaurants / lobby & spa/ sea bar on a platform/ mega pool and open air gardens & attractions.
The Zanzibar hotel Project took as its inspiration- the natural beauty of the local island, with its unique colors and sea creatures. The buildings shape took the local traditional boats and different underwater creatures with their colors, shapes and textures. the sea star has determined the location of the buildings and the planning strategy. Moshe Katz architect, the designer and architect of the project, creating a new innovative language for an hospitality project. the main public areas are centrelized along the long pool, connecting the hotel to the sea with a long bridge. in its end, on top of the water, lies a restaurant/ bar for the visitors. The hotel buildings are planned with different size rooms for single ,families and couples. The open air spaces are designed as gardens and small park for sports and cultural activities, day and night, creating a natural environment facing the vast tree areas arround the site. the location of the hotel is in the northern part of the zanzibar island, an hour away from the main airport, facing one of the most beautiful beaches in the island.


17000 SQM hotel, hospitality project.

Moshe katz architect
משה כץ אדריכל