our new project: "Eternal Bloom" 200,000 sqm eco-city complex in Varna, Bulgaria. Inspired by the local rich nature, colors, fauna. Freezing the most beautiful moment in nature (bloom) where the dynamic structure opens up towards the sky, emphasizing the light, rich colors and textures.3 Glass domes for commercial/recreation purposes (open 24/7×365 days.) Hotels and residences, central Lake as "water square", cultural parks and gardens with open sky activities, all facing the sea. The project is a green, smart city with mixed used spaces for the local and visitors from Varna city. The curved lines of the buildings open up towards the sky as any flower would in its bloom. the vivid colors and textures are inspired by the rich bulgarian nature and fauna. The city and the whole development id built around a central lake with rivers flowing, connecting all the site with waterside public paths. Open parks and gardens, water squares for public meeting points, all facing the horizon of the sea and varna's beaches. The design concept is a combination between natures magical expressions and the ancient local culture and building design language. The Eternal Bloom eco city project is currently still in development and planning phases, awaiting different approvals. The Project is trying to express the beauty of natural phenomena in different forms and shapes, the facades or material choices, colors and location of the buildings are all defined by the unique situation of the site and its views.


200,000 sqm eco-city complex in Varna

moshe katz architect
משה כץ אדריכל