Bebek Blue House is a two-bedroom penthouse with a spectacular Bosphorus view in the cute, tiny, always trendy neighborhood of Bebek in Istanbul. With a 110 sqm interior and a 40 sqm terrace, this cute house takes place in one of the typical family apartment buildings of the neighborhood, built in the 1930s’.

Since everything had to be completed in a very short period like three weeks, there was no time for any separate design, technical drawings, or application processes. After getting the brief, understanding the needs, and settling on some basic design approaches, the purchasing, production, and application stages are handled.

Although structural works were avoided to stay within the timeline, the major wall separating the two bedrooms had to be relocated in order to create more practical rooms. Some electrical and water installation works, and implementation of some additional parquet was inevitable. Bathrooms were mostly preserved, while the kitchen needed to be completely renovated.

The expectation of the client was an urban, calm, peaceful, functional house, with a blue-painted room for his ten-year-old daughter. This ‘blue’ became the main element in achieving spatial integrity, continuity, spaciousness, enclosing both walls and ceilings, clearing away the stuffy feeling of the low ceilings.

A multi-functional unit consisting of hangers, an umbrella holder, and a drawer is designed for the entrance. Facing the entrance, the bicycle of the client is placed over a bench inspired by Mickey Mouse. The engraving behind the motorsport lover and car racer Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona watch, gifted by his wife Joanne Woodward, is placed as a small message just underneath the bicycle.

A lengthy, demountable library is designed for the walls surrounding the living room and a desk is placed facing the fireplace and the terrace overlooking the park and the Bosphorus. Urban, sleek, comfortable, and space-saving pieces are chosen, in addition to some pieces of Ofist design furniture. And for a more spacious feeling, a mirror panel is placed just above the seating area.

Both the living room and the kitchen open up to the terrace. And both the terrace and the bedroom balcony are arranged and decorated with flexible units, letting space for organic farming, the avocation of the client.
The kitchen is completely renovated for practical use, while bathrooms are mostly preserved, just upgraded with some light touches like paint or iroko decks, countertops, and cabinets.

The master bedroom is sleek and calm, with an ensuite dressing room and bathroom. And a part of the bedroom is reserved for pilates equipment. Meanwhile, the kid’s room is modern and fun with a Scandinavian touch. All furniture in the bedrooms is designed by Ofist.



Project name: Bebek Blue House
Location: Bebek Istanbul
Area: 150 sqm
Design: Ofist / Yasemin Arpaç & Sabahattin Emir
Photographs: Ali Bekman

Ofist / Yasemin Arpaç & Sabahattin Emir