North Cyprus, mountain side villa complex. Between the mountain and the sea, just above the Presidents quarters.

Our project started with the interpretation of the dominant topography lines of the site and nature, transforming the entire #architecture design into curves and flowing buildings.

A multifunctional, luxury commercial & spa area on the bottom part. An urban roof for restaurants and events. Following with 300sqm villas with pools and gardens facing the sea.
the concept of the project comes from the analysing of the extreme topogrphy lines of the site and the mountains, transforming those natural lines and shape into the design language of the project connecting it with it surrounding. the wavy shapes of the houses, the terraces and floor light designs, the villas, are all smooth flowing lines connecting with the nature arround the site. the all glass villas with the lights in the, create the sensation of a water fountain flowing down the mountain towards the sea. this site is located above the house complx of north cypruses president and gives it a higher symbolism of luxury yet natural connected project. an iconic project for an important site. planned and designed by moshe katz architect.
משה כץ אדריכל


12 villas of 300 sqm each with a "flying" commercial- public floor

moshe katz architect
משה כץ אדריכל