Nudist Resort&Spa, Crete.
Our new design and development for an investor, a hotel resort for nudist tourism in the southern beach of the crete island, where architecture "peels its layers off" , revealing its pure, naked spaces.

A radial complex of independent 50sqm rooms, with shade skin surfaces, pools, hanging restaurants, overlooking the Mediterranean sea.
The concept derives from the resarch of the ancient sattlements of the crete island and the palace of knosse, the understanding of the unique intimicy of a radial structure and the analysis of the nude. the nude ancient sculptures, the peeling of layers, translating it into architecture, imagining what space it will create if architecture would "get naked". to freeze and show the moment of pure transparncy and the layers of which it broke through. the layers create a shadow for the single villas where the nudist decide to show/ hide their body, so does the architecture.


A radial complex of independent 50sqm rooms

moshe katz architect