Our new concept for a villa resort in cyprus.
The latest real estate project in the northern part of cyprus, with a design of a mixed use complex- residence, leisure and a "flying" beach-front commercial area with restaurants and bars facing the sea.

Taking inspiration from the local ancient circular settlements, the castle and harbor of kyrenia.
Connecting it all with water drops texture and lighting. the concept of this project, created and designed by moshe katz architect, studies the ancient local structures, and the sea front situation. th eround settlements- like villas, connected with a central square and pool each, creating an intimicy for the residents, all leading towards the beach where a "flying" public square platform is rising from the ground, with restaurants and bar, and pop up shops with coffe places. the design of the square and the ground surfaces are imitating the water and sea language of round shaped decorations and lights, almost creating the illusion of constant motions- infinity.
the villas are all facing the central area with private gardens each and a preforated teture on its facade letting the light enter inside in a magical way. this narrow but long site demanded a creative solution of its development towards the beach side and alowing different form of intimicy inside the site. arround the borders of the site, a small periferal park/ garden for different sport activities. moshe katz architect tried to conneect the innovative ideas of the project to the local spatial expression in north cypruses history.
משה כץ אדריכל


sea front villa resort

moshe katz architrect
משה כץ אדריכל