Muse city, cyprus.
Our new project- a 1,000,000 sqm Art & culture city for 15000 inhabitants in cyprus.
A city of inspiration and creativity, as a working and living platform for all artist from all over the world.
the concept of the Muse city came from the idea of creating a cultural, art city where artists from all over the word can come to, live, and see in it the platform of their artistic expression, freely. with international art events and festivals but mainly a self sustained city where all its inhabitants live and create art as a life habit and show it in the bigest platform there can be- a city.
the concept takes idear from ancient influential cities and twists some laws and orders. for example- the wall surrounding an ancient city a s a protective means. in this case, in muse city, the wall aroound is a green "wall"- a park for landart and cultural events open to the public from both sides. the ancient city gates are designed here as art monuments, symbols of the different muses in each direction to enter the city and experience a different quality of wellcoming experience. the ancient buildings of a city, usualy arches, flatt line or with triangular roofs, here, in muse city, we created a "catalog" of different options plating with that languae to create a variaty of solutions with the same shapes. the lake and river are the water connecting the city together, and create an urban meetingpoint with all its markest and public events spreading from the small squares in each area up to the river and along side of it.


1,000,000 sqm masterplan for a new city of 15000 inhabitants

moshe katz architect
משה כץ אדריכל