METU Tecnocity is one of the best technoparks in Turkey. Its urban design and architecture are taking deep roots from the design of the METU University itself. ÖZER/ÜRGER has already designed a building on the campus (Türktelekom R&D) in 2008 and win the competition for urban design of the technocity in 2013.

TOGET will be one of the boldest organizations on the whole campus being housing a few of the best game companies in Turkey. All the offices in the building are demanding flexible spaces which will be full of fun besides being perfect workspaces. The project starts with research for office working spaces to fulfill these demands and offer a simple courtyard scheme. This courtyard supports the need of users to work outside in a calm and cool landscape. The building defining this courtyard has a dynamic layout which makes the all facade a space to work and rest.

On contrary to the inner facade, the outer facade is a shinny and robust surface with a single gesture. The bold cuts designed on this facade define the entrances to the courtyard and the building.



Date: 2020
Client: METU Technocity
Project Area: 15.600 m2

Ali Özer, Ahmet Mucip Ürger, İsmet Güngör, Seda Gecü, Merve Coşkun