Güngören is the densist municipality of İstanbul. There is a dramatic scarcity of green space all around the area. Güneştepe Park which is suffering from fragmented design and overuse is one of the last open spaces left today in Güngören.

The plot is between heavy traffic roads and dynamic urban space. The project offers a sunken park to create a calm quiet space for visitors. This detached park is a super public space in which visitors may enjoy a green park with many social and cultural activities inside.

Park entrances are designed in accordance with the existing walking network of the district and existing public transportation stations. A car park is designed in between the park and the existing sidewalk, created by digging the park ground, to increase the accessibility of the park. This car park and its roof will also be used as a marketplace once a week.



Date: 2020
Client: Güngören Municipality
Project Area: 25.600 m2
Landscape Design: OZER\URGER Architects

Ali Özer, Ahmet Mucip Ürger , Ismet Güngor, Merve Coşkun, Osman Can Bağatır,