With the inference that the negative consequences of everything that makes up daily life can be mentioned; It is obvious that each of the agenda items such as pandemics, floods, fires, changes in the exchange rate, and immigrants creates a crisis. When the situation of the individual's exposure to the current agenda is examined, we can conclude that he has been bombarded by many channels at different times. When we define each bombardment as a stimulus, it can be said that the individual exposed to intense stimulus begins to become apathetic. With this inference, a single crisis cannot be mentioned and the individual becomes indifferent due to the multiple crises he is exposed to. Thus, the most basic crisis is that the individual becomes indifferent and unresponsive. The individual, who is exposed to the bombardment of the agenda, cannot escape from the events because the city offers a monotonous life. For this reason, design is a spatial construct created by the articulation of a stranger aiming to change the perception in the city, and the isolated areas where the individual remains as an individual, together with nature.
In the fiction created, the individual will be able to get out of the subject position and become an object, and relate to nature. With the circulation created by the specialized spaces, the design will cease to be foreign in terms of the program and will create a perception change in the city silhouette as a form. Thus, the individual, who becomes indifferent in the city, will be able to find himself in a fiction where his awareness will be increased by being cut off from his daily life in this environment where conditions cannot be changed.
While creating the spatial setup, the form matrix is constructed with the design tool. The matrix contains the parts it touches and the parts that are specialized in the interior. The structure, which creates nature with its topographic movements, is isolated from the city in which it is located, together with the life and experience it contains. Thus, fiction is created for all living things, including human beings, who are a part of nature.


The circulation of structure is provided by constricting and expanding folds in the continuity of topographic mobility.
Specialized openings at certain points in the building, which are described as thresholds, ensure the continuity of the building's relationship with the outside world.
While the spaces in the building prepare the ground for the environments where individuals can be alone; Smaller volumes, called cavities, provide shelter for small creatures.
While the parts where rain and snow water coming from the openings in the building are collected create areas where small water creatures can live, they also define a stationary space for individuals.
Location: Etimesgut, Ankara/Turkey

Dilara ALAN
Dorukan DÜNDAR

Instructor: Murat SÖNMEZ


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