Park 33 – The bicycle, represents the configuration of the urban center, as part of enjoyment and children's mobile circuit.

VIS (Social Interest) and Non-VIS housing project where the concepts of progressive housing of lateral construction and the shared street are combined and complemented to return to the urban concept: The park as the foundation of neighborhood life. Dwellings of different sizes, indifferent to social classes, are grouped around a park in the center of the block, seeking to make all residents equal in the public space, seeking to generate relationships of belonging.

The design draws the silhouette of a Bicycle, framed in circles that are broken by its shape, green areas that border the main figure and platforms that go in a sequence of colors. Projected location in four access points, using vanishing point lines towards two main centers.

All the elements that make up the space can be seen in two areas. The hard area is materialized in concrete and cobblestone, harmonically in pleasant color tones for children's entertainment, which draws the movement from end to end of the park route. The soft area, made up of green areas (grass) and sand areas, to come into contact with the environment.

The theme park with an aerial view is built by SOLZA Proyectos y Construcciones in the city of Paipa, Colombia, for the Estación de Alejandría Urbanization, rescuing the coexistence and relationship between the residential and the urban, to generate a more habitable, more sustainable and healthier, increasing the quality of life of its inhabitants.



Architecture Office: SOLZA Projects and Constructions SAS
Construction completion year: 2021
Constructed area: 590M2
Location: Paipa – Boyaca, Colombia

Architect: Amaylit Dugarte Peña
Construction management: Carlos Benavides
Collaborators: Henry Pardo Patiño, Armando Ruiz, José Camargo, Uber Gómez, Misael Flores, Marcos Ruiz and Sergio Ruiz.