The project aims to upgrade the image of a ceramic tile brand. As a part of the company’s headquarters, it integrates the functions of reception, exhibition and experience.
The design shows respect to the brand’s culture and core, and digs into the pure brand culture that respects nature and values plain aesthetics. Through architectural space and light, the designers expressed their understanding of the products with a confident attitude.
The design breaks the homogeneous design of conventional showrooms and ways of product display, and enables products to resonate with the space, nature, people and time. It's a bold exploration of showroom design in China's ceramics sector.
Several transitional spaces are inserted to link spatial nodes, which produce a calm atmosphere before visitors enter the spatial climax, hence generating a strong sense of shock and surprise and intensifying visitors' emotions and feelings.
The product display space continues the overall design logic. To solve the problem of exhibition, ceramic tile products are divided into four categories, and are showcased in a pure manner on the horizontal and vertical surfaces within the space. With the interaction of light and geometric forms, and based on architectural aesthetics, the design expresses the confidence of the space and highlights the high-end products.
The design team created a radical yet slow journey in the space, and built the relationship between displayed products and people, space, nature and time. The interaction between spaces, the control of rhythm and the thinking of light are fully considered to optimize the circulation and the scale of human behaviors. In this way, the design softens the originally cool, rigid space, and effectively showcases products and the brand's temperament while reshaping the spatial spirit.



Floor area: 890 square meters

Chief designer: Xie Peihe

Chasing Light by AD ARCHITECTURE in China won the WA Award Cycle 40. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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