We attempted to create an art landmark between the city and nature, hoping it to be not only a property sales center but also a public destination for citizens to freely explore and spend time.
The design elements are identified following the "City of Time" concept. Five themes with time trajectory as the motif clearly separate the whole building into several areas, presenting magnificent, energetic and free spaces that blend with landscape.
The layers of straight lines and the changes of light and shadows gave us inspiration for the design.
The space combines red bricks and the interplay of light and shadows to express the passage of time. The large staircase winds upward, combining with the mirrored ceiling to blur the boundaries and create a ladder to the sky. The deconstruction of the space is not merely limited to the reorganization of blocks and lines, but more importantly, it focuses on the subtle integration of nature, art and life. The "deconstruction" concept awakens a special aesthetic sense. We translated abstract structures into simple but fascinating geometric forms, achieving the most comfortable fit through decomposition and proportioning.
It is a library. The designers attempted to create public destination for citizens. The design elements are identified following the "City of Time" concept and integrated new elements such as culture and art to give the space a diverse and novel experience.
The design created a unique experience space for the current busy urban life. The original intention of the design was meet the needs of humanistic experience.



Area: 1500㎡

Wang Shaoqing


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