The Citadel of Erbil is a world famous monument and one of the oldest towns that has seen uninterrupted human inhabitation for more than 6,000 years. Strong archaeological findings date it back to 6,000 years and according to the international council of monuments and sites (ICOMOS) "eight thousand years of inhabitation are proved in this unique urban concentration, making it the oldest inhabited place on Earth".
This museum will be in the heart of Erbil Citadel, in Erbil City (North region of Iraq).
It will have three main goals to achieve,
first: To give the visitor information about the citadel that will make them understand what they're seeing.
Second: Encourage motion and evoke curiosity by connecting pieces together.
Third: Engaging the visitor with the experience and the old Citadel by participating in local workshops.
The concept is bringing back the essence of Erbil Citadel by the dynamic journey between the whole ( the museum or the Citadel ) and the parts ( the missing pieces or in-threat to collapse houses).
So that at the end of the journey and after going through the whole and the parts, the displayed object becomes the Citadel itself and the tourist gets the whole picture of it.
It is a complete journey that enhances the tourist's visit to the citadel and makes it full of dynamics and motion and gives the visitor the spirit of curiosity that will be fulfilled with each alley that is being walked through.
It is definitely one of a kind experience that you'll never forget.



Location: Erbil Citadel, Erbil city, Iraq.

1- Entrance.
2- Gallery room.
3- Workshops
4- Cafe, small shop.

built area: 2202 m2

Designed by : Dalia Raed Alnuaimy
Supervised by: Arch Raad Essoh