House is very important for each and every living animal, that dosen't matter it is small or large so the interior atmosphere is very important for the users and also there are lots of things which make it suitable for the users like natural and artificial light, Sounds, colours, furniture and its measurements, flooring and connection between spaces.

Natural lights is very important for the inside-out connection so there are some alteration in the planning made so natural light can touch each and every corner of house according to its requirement and nature of spaces.

Furniture is designed in a way so that it maintain's the privacy of kitchen and bedroom with living area and also add the experincial quality of its grandness.

One of the consern was to design optimum furniture to look like grand and ofcourse to minimise the cost.

When some enter in the house wooden paneling will give you warm welcome and it is defining the corner space; and directly the sight will touch the window which gives you inside out connection and someone will fill the grandness of living room.

Living area is heart of the house so large granite slab with cushions on top and indian sitting define the living area and TV unit which act as floating wall separate which the kitchen from living area. kitchen and dining are very specious because of natural light and optimum furniture. Bedrooms have ample amount of natural light and ventilation with optimum furniture.

In this project furniture is optimum but meaningfull.



I changed the vitrified tile flooring with Kota stone and change the sliding window with casement window. Wall and ceiling are white in colour. Led lights are the sourse of artificial light.

Ar. Maulik Lodhiya