Residence of Architects residential complex is located in the Basmanny district of Moscow on the bank of the Yauza River, close to the Elektrozavodskaya Metro station. Cozy low-rise houses, modern construction technologies, proximity to the center of the city, an embankment—all of this makes the complex an attractive place to live, rest and meet. A boulevard goes through the complex connecting Bolshaya Pochtovaya Street and Rubtsovskaya Embankment.

The path from Bolshaya Pochtovaya Street to Rubtsovskaya Embankment is the main part of the boulevard. The geometry of paving and landscaping creates a rhythmic composition that is complemented by small architectural elements such as canopies and swings.
By the river, the axis of the boulevard opens up into the second large zone, the green square. The quiet area of the square is located next to the office and shopping center, while the active area is by the apartment building. The green square has smooth natural shapes and provides contrast to the straight boulevard all the while harmonizing with it through the geometry of its elements.

A pleasant pathway invites pedestrians to examine shops and cafés located on the ground levels of the buildings as well as to visit the office and shopping center.

Design elements, paving, small architectural forms all have the same proportions, geometry, rhythm, lighting, contrast, symmetry, textures and materials. All of this creates the boulevard’s own identity.

The general architectural idea is supported by an expressive illustration, a map of Moscow made from recognizable lines of streets, rivers and roads with symbolic patterns highlighting landmarks.



Area: 1,200m²

Artistic director: Artemy Lebedev
Art director: Еrken Kagarov
Architect: Svetlana Vasilyeva
Designer: Pavel Zyumkin
Illustrator: Lizaveta Romantsova
Typesetter: Aleksandra Savelkaeva