Villa "CHE" I 2020

Climate and Context: Between the gardens of Qalat countryside, the Climatic region in the northwest of Shiraz, there is an almost wide, right-angled, and sloping site, with two local access on the north and south side that the height difference is also significant.

Alley 5: first entrance, southern, at a higher level with a smoother path
Alley 7: second entrance, northern, at a lower level, with a more scenic passage.

With this description, choosing the most appropriate access and confronting the landscape became the starting point of the design process.

Passage and Landscape: the design response to the site’s location was to define a linear path in the middle of the garden. A path that traverses the length of the site connects alleys that separate the garden into two views. The presence of a pavilion in the middle of the garden, perpendicular to the main axis of it, is a reference to the geometry and familiar structure of the Iranian ancient garden ‘‘Chaarbagh’’, but here the difference between traditional gardens and this design is the asymmetry and balance of the geometry and typology of the four perspectives. This contradiction starts from the beginning of each of the garden gates and reaches its peak in the middle turn.

Southern part–the first view is a wide pool, which begins from the zero level of entry and then disappears under the wooden deck of the villa mass.

Northern part- second view: A sandy surface for beach games and mange for horseback riding create the Northeast landscape and it extends to the border of the retaining wall of the pool.

Southern part–third view: a green and shrubby cover on the western front that keeps the natural features and topography of the project site and pushes the sycamore tree strip.

Northern part- forth view: It is a relatively dense texture of trees which provides a forest atmosphere.

Architecture and Confrontation: In the southern part, the surfaces and walls that form the path along the project landscape gradually hide below the volume, lie on the project landscape and form the middle pilot and accesses. But it metamorphose in the northern part, disintegrates, and rises. In the middle, the walls drive the body back and create stairs to access the interior spaces. Elsewhere, walls are kept, lifting the body of the villa and suspending it from view. These two bodies of the pavilion, as if two faces of one body were formed dialectically with one another, and had a dialogue with their own landscape.


Typology: Villa

Location: Qalat countryside, Fars Province, Iran

Year: 2020

Area: 5100 sqm

Client: Private

Principal Architects: Shahram Farjadian, Sahand Mosallaei
Design Team:
Maryam Khalili
Mounes Sherafati
Ghazal Omidvar
Mohammad Masrour


FAAM Design and Architecture Office