Located in Tianjin, the project is the sales center of CIFI HYPER MANSION — a residential development that is aimed to create epoch-making luxury residences. The innovative spirit of the development coincides with "Nankai Spirit" advocated by Zhang Boling, the founder and former principal of Nankai University.
The design of the sales center is inspired by the cultural context of Nankai District where it sits. Nankai District features a strong academic and cultural atmosphere, and is the place where the top higher education institution Nankai University is based. The University was founded by Zhang Boling, a pioneer of modern education in China. The project draws on the spirit of Zhang Boling, and adopts a design approach that creates a contemporary context through ancient traditional elements, to present the diversified cultural genes of Nankai District.
The design absorbs arched ceiling of classical architecture, and brings in a koi fish-like art installation to echo with the story that Zhang Boling sent the koi fish in Nankai campus to rich people to raise money for the University. This "koi fish" carries the spirit of the space. The spiral staircase beside it implies the "guild hall" culture in the past. Elements such as hollowed-out screens, green stone materials, bronze-like metal and round glass screens recall the past days. The overall spatial setting opens a new chapter for Nankai District. The VIP room and the audio-video room are conceived based on the themes of "Boling's Living Room" and "Principal's Room" respectively, to convey the spirit of Zhang Boling.
The spatial design unfolds a new scene of Nankai, incorporates a classic Nankai story and carries the eternal memories of Nankai. In this space, visitors can experience the glorious past of the city.



Project area: 700㎡

Wang Shaoqing (Founder/Chief Designer),
Dong Haoxiang (Design Director),
Yang Guijun (Director of Display)

CIFI HYPER MANSION SALES CENTER, TIANJIN by Shaoqing Wang in China won the WA Award Cycle 39. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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