Duwamish River Artist Residency is a real-life artist collective in Seattle, WA, that gathers once a year to create and exhibit art together. The project proposes a home base for the Residency to live, work and connect with each other and guest artists around the world when they visit and stay to work in Seattle.
The project design is centered on the connection between art and emotion, considering how artists inhabit and create in a space. need from a temporary home. They need to have freedom – to be free from worries, binds and themselves. The project helps free them from certain moods and provides spaces to experience a wide-range of emotions and inspire the creative process of making art. Some artists work well with negative emotions, while others do their best in with positive emotions. They have freedom to experience the emotions that can awake their inside voices.
The project consists of a multi-level grid framework, connecting from the street to the Duwamish River. Through various types of proportion, shape, color, sound, light, view, different environments are created to impact the artist’s emotion. By doing so, the project creates different mini emotional worlds in a the same building, manifesting a meaningful atmosphere that helps the artists to listen to their inside voices and come up with unexpected art.
The modular establishes different spaces for creating throughout the day. The structure provides flexibility for the Residency, a home not only to rest, but also to experience and to be free.


Location: Seattle, WA, USA
·Public exhibition space
·Working spaces
·Short-term living spaces

Angela Yang
Kyle Hovenkotter

Yen Trinh Phuc Nguyen