The terraced sections of different heights form a lively silhouette and provide excellent views even from the building's second row. The complex's entrance lobbies are reminiscent of premium hotels in New York, the architecture of which became the main source of inspiration for creating the project.

A shared promenade has been formed here, which unites quiet courtyards and active zones. Simultaneously, the pedestrian space in cozy yards inside the quarters is separated from the motorways, contributing to increased safety and comfort for the complex residents.

Inside the complex, from the large main square, a pedestrian street with active ground floors has been formed, in which commercial premises for restaurants, beauty salons, and shops are located.

The complex forms a new architectural silhouette, which stands out against the background of linear development. While developing the master plan, we have preserved the existing trees and set high-quality landscaping in the complex's territory with an open promenade. Moreover, the complex also includes separate townhouses with their terraces.

Facts and details:
The existing trees on the site have been preserved and included in the landscaping, to create a cozy pedestrian space, quiet courtyards inside the blocks are separated from the motorways. The complex will have a large outdoor pool overlooking the sea and splash pools in the children's play areas. Terraces or open balconies are available in each apartment. The ceiling height in apartments is 3 m and over. Facades will be made of natural stone. In all buildings, one can access the apartment floors by an elevator directly from the underground parking.


SQUARE METERS: 175 730 m2
TIMELINE: 2020-2021
CLIENT: Citex Development, Perfect Group
LOCATION: Odesa, Ukraine

Kristina Maliiova, Volodymyr Ivanov, Mikhail Beloglazov, Volodymyr Hnatiienko, Anastasia Kishchenko, Kyrylo Dvoinenko, Antoni Mazorchuk, Dmytro Tantsurov, Oleg Repura, Anna Kornilova, Anna Kulʹvanovs’ka, Mykyta Oliynyk, Аnna Vasylʹyeva