This corporate interior design project is the result of the renovation of a 1,000 sq m floor plan located west of Mexico City, in an area where offices still have a strong presence. An elegant and tempered corporate image was turned into the goal to create the correct environment for the operation of this financial company.

The reception, beyond being the first filter, is the meeting point for colleagues and where visitors are welcome. Black granite was selected for the floors that ends in wavy weft covered with timber adding a warm and dynamic contrast, that is broken by the monolithic presence of the reception covered in white Carrara marble.

The space distribution was defined considering two routes, one for the staff and other for the visitors, which is the same used by the company´s directors. With this simple division we manage to separate the areas and the routes are efficient for everyone. A couple of meeting rooms, outside from the office space, were also considered to streamline the follow up of matters that don’t need to reach the operational and direction areas.

The layout is based on an open work space for the staff and private offices for the directors and managers of the different areas of the company. To generate the private and semi-private spaces for offices and meeting rooms, wood partitions were used to match the light industrial type design of the open areas with exposed facilities, a dynamic net that emulates team work.

To emphasize change and the new image a selection of contemporary art work was done to give personality to the different ambiances, beyond a simple décor shape the philosophy of the company.

The new space made the leap the company was looking towards a corporate matching the current work need. The wellbeing of all the users and their safety stablished the selection of all the finishes and systems installed in the project. Energy saving and responsible consumption were also considered to guarantee Serfimex´s operation according to the international standards.



Project name: Serfimex
Category: Corporate
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Year: 2020
Estatus: Completed
Area: 1,000 sq m
Photography: Jaime Navarro

Project: ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea
Arq. José Lew
Arq. Bernardo Lew
José Memúm