Social Working Club design arises from the opportunity to offer the market a different option, a building of smaller proportions that allows smaller offices with the possibility of growth within the same space. The main axis of the project is the service, beyond the rental of workspaces. It seeks to generate experiences similar to a boutique hotel where customer service is a priority and the design of the environments is welcoming and warm, proposing an idea that goes beyond conventional in corporate office spaces.

The ground floor has access control, the reception and a member’s lounge, the latter allows users to have a common living space with a cafeteria and versatile and modern workstations. Wood, in contrast to granite floors and the use of aluminum, manages to create a contemporary and timeless space that also plays with glass elements and a color palette that invites the user to stay.

The first level houses the different meeting rooms equipped for groups from 5 up to 14 people, all have acoustic panels that promote privacy within the space. The materiality of these rooms is mainly composed of wood, aluminum and glass accompanied by textiles that enrich the feeling of intimacy together with a gray chromatic palette with details in blue and dark green.

Lighting is another important component within the project. Natural light was emphasized to the perimeter working areas, while the meeting rooms and common spaces were left under warm light that creates comfort inside the rooms. The design proposal is accompanied by graphic and artistic intervention, from the neon signs in the core of elevators to the pieces of art located in the various collaborative spaces that provide a more personal and hospitable atmosphere than that of a corporate space.

The private suites are workspaces that allow fully equipped teams from 4 up to 50 people, this flexibility in the number of users favors companies having the opportunity to grow within the facilities. In a complementary way, the project offers various collaborative spaces, waiting rooms, training rooms, events room, cafeteria, kitchen and roof top with the aim of providing dispersion spaces and meeting areas, promoting mobility and interaction among users and generating multiple complementary spaces to facilitate communication, all in search of comfortable and unique workspaces.



Project name: SWC Social Working Club
Category: Corporate
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Year: 2020
Status: Completed
Area: 5800 sq m
Ground area: 700 sq m
Photography: Jaime Navarro

Project: ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea
Arq. Bernardo Lew
Arq. José Lew
Arq. José Memun
Construction: ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea
Team: Arq. Bernardo Lew, Arq. Jose Lew, Arq. Jose Memun, Arq. Ana Karen Gonzalez, Arq. Oscar Sarabia, Arq. Miguel Ocampo, Arq. Felipe Nava, Arq. Nahela Hinojosa, Arq. Federico Teista, Arq. Miguel Angel Lira, Beatriz Canuto.
Products and services: ASINTELIX, -MAXTEC
Ingeniería Estructural Sismo Resistente
COGARSA, Ingeniería vs. Incendios.
SAVI, Aire Acondicionado. -ALUBAUGLASS. – Ing. Mario Rosas, Instalaciones.