Our proposed idea for the Isfahan Knowledge Gate Bridge, which is not just a place to cross, but rather a place to stop and become a place, has been formed according to the metaphorical meanings of all four words bridge, gate, knowledge and city of Isfahan to transform and make it a modern and world-renowned icon.
Its topological geometry is derived from the analysis of the forces in the pre-designed site map and the self-stagnation of the structure along with paying attention to the concept of inducing new engineering knowledge along with historical teachings in the final form is effective as a initiator or gateway to advanced knowledge. The structure of this steel bridge uses the advanced bare truss model and provides four decks for functional purposes. The limited carriageway will be a diverse pedestrian crossing on the bridge for non-interference under or inside the bridge structure, and the stop or exhibition spaces on the upper two levels are designed with a free plan for the client's flexible and future purposes. The architectural turning point of the bridge is the part of the parametric lattice shell that is a combination of poetic and engineered metaphors from the examples of common geometries in traditional architecture. This narrow shell connected to the pillars of the bridge structures, for metaphor to the brick bridges of Isfahan, is made of brick and provides the security of the upper floors. On the bridge, which has a normal parabolic slope, there are several stations with futuristic goals to be available to the employer.


The ability to publish the media of the presence of the bridge by recording it in the background of the photos as well as paying attention to the presence of nature in it has been considered by the designers. All technical purposes of privacy of dimensions and sizes have been observed more than the standard and its structural engineering has been controlled.

Hamed Behkam Architecture Laboratory