The contemporary art museum of Ho Chi Minh is located in the city center where there are many historical and cultural values. The display content includes modern and contemporary Vietnamese artworks, including painting, sculpture, installation... A museum is also a place of exhibition, introduction, and cultural exchange art in the city.
The work consists of two blocks with separate languages. Each block represents the required spatial feature. Specifically, it represents the contrast between bustling - quiet, clear - fuzzy, happy - contemplative,...
Although with two different visual languages, the two blocks combine to create a harmonious whole. The use of materials for these two blocks also shows a deep intent. The bottom block uses steel material for the facade. This represents the reflection of the vibrant life of the people. Every time of the day, the facade always changes according to the color of the sky and visitors. It is the interaction of the building with modern life, contemporary art. The top block uses concrete material. It doesn't have any windows which show the mystery and preciousness of the collection within it.
In terms of landscape, the land has the advantage of being next to the Saigon River. It can be said that the river is a familiar image in the daily life of the city here. It is closely associated with the development of the city, so bringing water to the side of the building shows gratitude to it. This creates outdoor display spaces, living areas that interact with the river.


Area : 25000m2
Percentage of building density: 45%
Floor: 3
Height: 33.6 m

Instructor: Pham Phu Cuong
Student: Lu Thanh Dat