Unplanned or undeveloped waste lands amidst urban area is still an unsolved problem in Ho Chi Minh city especially the lands run along small streams and rivers, causing problematic pollution issue as nearby residents use these spots as the landfills. Accumulated garbage creates contaminants that penetrate into the soil and the water causing serious pollution and destroying the cityscape. The proposal wishes to transform a stream-side land into a park, but not just any park, the zen park, which derived from residents’ ultimate need of a place for mind-resting and meditating purpose.
Implying a place for peace and tranquility leading to a indication of circular walkway throughout the park, which also represents the wave interference - A symbol of peace and quietness in Asian fenshui.
Round podiums are scattered throughout the park and articulated with the pathway. Specialized zones for health maintenance such as reflexology walkway, foot bath and a hub for zen community are advocated among neighborhood, whose lives are disturbed with the domination of traffic and and adjacent sky train. The park overall perspective can be seen from any angle, both on the outside and inside; from the bridge, the sky train and the observation tower inside the park. The 4-storey observation tower is a single pole with supporting cables structure emerging out of the trees, provides a clear panoramic view of the park and the neighborhood.
The proposal hopes to be paradigm for future development of stream-side lands in the city to bring back the landscapes and obliterate excessive landfills.


Site area: 14,143 m2
Observation tower height: 20,1 m

Student: Miles Nguyen
Supervisor: Nam Tran