This is a small apartment project I did a long time ago. Homeowners love the soft white color and warm golden wood. Spaces should be as neat and clean as possible. An apartment is not large, just over 100m2, but the owner's requirement is to be very clear in the division of functional spaces and need romantic sophistication in every detail.
The living room requires a large salon to both receive guests and relax. The owner wants this to be a separate space to watch football, and relax.
The dining table is a completely separate space. Hope it doesn't affect the people in the living room. This place in the future will be a place to party with friends, eat and chat. The simple wedding is just a romantic dinner for a young couple, with chandeliers and a large dining table!

An airy balcony with some gentle plants, a tea table and a tray of snacks for a nice evening... Homeowners need a place to breathe fresh air, or simply a great location to stay. See the crowded city from above!

Romantic bedroom, privacy, style is a bit more complicated than special requests from guests... they want luxury and aristocracy... They love the beauty of romance and lightness!

Apartments in Vietnam are usually not big and don't have many green areas, but if you try to arrange and make use of them, you will get open spaces, try your best to have a light and peaceful life. At this time, there is a Covid epidemic everywhere, apartments are not an appropriate choice anymore because of the dense population density and many collisions! I hope I will have a place to live with much better and greener!



PhuHuong arpartment

Nguyen Truc Quynh