Architect: HAS
Local architect: HNA
Location: Dien Duong, Quang Nam, Viet Nam
Status: Completed
Function: Library, Conference, art classroom.

The BRICK Library is located in the central area of 5hectare Skyline Hill Campus in Dien-Duong, Quang Nam Province Vietnam

It is surrounded by many neighboring buildings: kindergarten, swimming pool, reception, learning, and absolutely, main character: the Poplar tree garden which are not only belongs the campus, but also around the site.

On entering the library, there is the Open spaces on the ground floor and the circulation route gives rise to rich sensorial experiences as students and visitor move multidimensionally through the book-filled space, study classes and also pulls air through the building.

The building’s brick surface creating void and shape as double façade. It will protect the inner space from hot-air and sun-light.

Interiors are as spare as the exterior, dominated by local brick walls and the white surface of interior. Both surfaces reveal structure. Walls are double layer solid brickwork (200mm x 2 thick, with no insulation cavity or expansion joints necessary).

Windows are free with circle shape, creating an interference pattern that works with interlocking interiors.’ Glazing is set almost flush with the internal wall surface and framed in white aluminum frames.
From the outside this exaggerates the wall’s mass, while internally, the arrangement was inspired in part by the window frames of Kahn in Sri Lanka.

Brick library creates a powerful presence and redefines the Skyline center square with the Concrete Flower by famous sculptor Pham Van Hang. The heavy and imposing walls provide a thermally stable environment for books, and also cultivate the tranquil atmosphere of a college building. For student, users who break from their books, the interiors also generate delight and intrigue, leading the eye in a dance from level to level, outdoor to indoor, from sky to poplar garden.



Construction System : Concrete
Facade : Brick

HAS Architecture

Team: Hoang Nguyen, Tran Pham, Tuan Le, Ha Chau My Ngoc
Local architect: HNA
Structure : Tin An JSC
MEP : Tin An