TEXTILIA is the memory of a recent manufacturing past. The Schiatti company, has had for years a key role in Lentate community and is deeply rooted in the heart of every citizen. The quality of its textile production finds voice in TEXTILIA: as the Jacquard loom wove strings of silk to get an extraordinary weft, the project intersects several functions, public spaces, private and commercial, to achieve a high quality of living.

Innovation has become an imperative for companies, institutions and individuals, tradition instead indicates by definition a rejection of the progress. However, innovation and tradition should not be seen necessarily as two antithetical concepts: innovating means renovating a tradition. This continuity signifies coherence, because for decades Schiatti company marked with its image the history of Lentate. Our vision is to give back to Schiatti its importance bringing its image into the contemporary world.

TEXTILIA is the desire to combine tradition and innovation with the aim of space reactivation and public life throught a multifunctional design. The vision of the entire project is the complete permeability and takes flexibility and fluidity of the public spaces to a higher level. The volumes are matched and crossed creating two different courts that live in complete synergy with the permeable ground floor.
The first access to the Municipality Court is marked by new construction volumes as a sign of the new urbanity. They represent the main entrance to the new town square, a meeting place for residents, municipal employees and small local artisans, three elements that represent the community life. The continuous open space becomes fluid thanks to the landscape design: as a Jacquard loom it weaves the public life from the first to the second courtyard, where the new covered square and the auditorium bring the space back to life with day and night events. A residence for elderly people and a building with apartments, common areas and open plan offices complete this courtyard. The restoration project also incorporates new functions in a shed-roof building that will host a fitness center and covered parking.



Ilaria Belotti, Andrea Bulloni, Marco Papagni

TEXTILIA by MARCO PAPAGNI in Italy won the WA Award Cycle 26. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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