Demirci Restaurant designed by Caglayan Architects an Istanbul based interior design studio, offers its
customers an escape from the metropol life while it enables them to take a delicious tour to the past in a harmonized space with the historical atmosphere of old town.

Caglayan Architects tackles the Demirci Restaurant which is located in Fatih, one of the old districts of
Istanbul, in line with the historical context which it belongs to with an aim of taking the clients on an
unforgettable journey in the restaurant along with the historical figures and colours.

Within the 150 square meter restaurant, sky-blue floor tiles, pastel yellows matching with the colours of
the tiles, vintage mirrors, the wall cheetahs that are inspired by the past trends, magnificent special
designed bronze lightings and dark thonet wood chairs harmonised with the restaurant culture, those
details reflect the historical context from inside of the restaurant.

In Demirci Restaurant, in order to complete the eclectic design, starting from the entering space, while
the spirit of the history stylized by combining with all the details of the place, the sky-blue traditional
floor tiles had been floored randomly by conceptualizing them with a modern manner.

Using the same sky-blue tiles on the tables and keeping the electrical installation open on the ceiling
seem like those are the complementary details of the eclectic design. Ventilating ducts and electric
platforms were painted as sky-blue used in other spaces in order to create a combination.

In order to make the traditional view modernised and the asymmetrically distributed woodworks have
the same sense Caglayan Architects used shades of grey. A magnificent lighting located in the center of
the restaurant, is placed as the display of the harmony that is consisted of modern and traditional
harmony and the identity of the restaurant.

The lighting unit designed by Caglayan Architects by thinking all the implementation details and
considering the spirit of the place, while encasing oxidized vintage bronze lighting bowls with the linear
formed pieces.

Hanged down vintage lightings located above the tables combine with the dominant of Edison lamps,
that give hot yellow light, used by aiming with the nostalgic effect.

The blue wood panels that were used on the walls and service line create a background for the
decoration by completing the design, as the same height with the tables, custom-production geometric
patterned stone flowerpots were located.

Demirci Restaurant, with the design of Caglayan Architects, within a huge metropol like Istanbul, away
from their lives within a concrete jungle it gives a break to its clients, starting with the first step into the
restaurant located in the historical peninsula it enables its customers to take a delicious tour to the
history while making them embrace the modern-day.