According to the pollution that is affecting our planet day by day and the little interest that is shown in wanting to change to help our better, it is possible that in the future we have to plumb the way to start moving to another planet, this project is a vision for the future and how we could create our utopian city according to the physical and social needs of each living being.

Main topics
-Interaction of people
-Education from talents and specialties
-Relation between different customs and traditions of each person
-Technology to make life on another planet come true

Concept of the project
The project "Mars-Sarah" is located on Mars designed through the human projection of an ideal world, developed for the physical and social well-being of each living being, in which it is a new beginning in which it is expected to form a better society based on an education and respect for the environment that surrounds us, thus finding the specialty or talent of each person stimulating him to be better and more productive; Without neglecting what would be our new home.

Mars-Sarah Project Spaces
-Floating modular housing
-Recreational area
- Meditation area
-Talent workshop - specialties
-Investigation area
-Glass of plants
- Greenhouses
- Special soybean greenhouse
-Renewable energy areas
-Capsules of healing and sanitation
-Capsules of electrolysis and separation of molecules
-Oxygen-generating capsules
-Capsules of radio-isotope thermoelectric generators
-Capsules astronomy
-Capsules research of bacteria
-Waste areas
-Research Coaches



Location: Planet Mars
Land area: 8544 m2

Samuel Valle
Axel Vazquez
Luis F. Flores
Angel Todd