Garden House Project is located near one of the most beautiful monuments in the world (Paul Khaju). The site of this project was one hundred years ago, a garden of the same name. In this project, we tried to restore the garden to a new style with a new architecture while preserving the urban structure, respect for the climate and indigenous material.
Our initial concept in the project is a combination of the old house architecture of Isfahan. If we look at history, we see that the view of the old houses in this city was simple and that few could differentiate between the homes of the rich and the ordinary people. In these houses, there is a difference in the structure of their social level inside the home, which was the living space of the residents and relatives.
We also tried to use traditional architecture for the interior of the modern architecture and for the northern and southern views. The ordinary people remember the project of the sense of a traditional, Islamic and Iranian project, but these residents and those who come to the house, who can see both modern and traditional architectural style.
In this project, we created a floor in the basement with a private courtyard at a height of 310 cm below the ground level, which, given the intense heat of Isfahan, the owner of the project can use this floor in warm seasons.
One of the major problems facing the project has been to resolve the problem of light in this category, which has been described thoroughly.



Site area: 178 square meters
Area of each unit: 140 square meters
Number of floors: 5
Infrastructure: 900 square meters
Site status: North-South

main Architect: Pegah Rezaei
Architect and Project Manager: Bersipa Ahmadi
Design and Implementation Team: Alireza Shirani, Saeid Shiasi, Parisa Khayyami, Behrooz Assouri, Rashid Mirzaeiyan, Zabihollah savari, Mohsen Askari, Mohsen Habibollahi

BAGHE NEGAR by pegah rezaiee in Iran won the WA Award Cycle 26. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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