The design seeks to explore the possibilities for architecture to act as a stimulant - generating exciting public spaces that help establish a creative atmosphere.

The heart of the design is an open courtyard used as an open-air theater for performances with an old existing building as the backstage. Management offices, cafe, a conference room, and an exhibiting space with artists workshop occupies the ground floor. The first floor houses a common leisure zone and a zone to hold forums, conferences and lectures. Skatingboard ramps are used to provide the vertical circulation. The roof was designed as a space to hold certain activities and gatherings with seating.

The building form emphasizes the sculptural qualities of the materials and form vocabulary used. Cast-in-situe concrete, mosaic,glass, metals and wood are among others used to conceive the visuals of this experimental design.



The site is 76 m X 27 m. On the east side, there exists an old building. The site is surrounded by three roads.
The site is near Victoria Square - Adelaide’s largest and busiest public square/park.

Adelaide Creative Community Hub by TeleArchitects in Australia won the WA Award Cycle 29. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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