Rethinking the industrial typology which is generic and enclosed by injecting community integration as part of the industrial typology.

Located in Johor Bharu City Center, Malaysia. GroundScraper is the result of re-thinking urban factories which communities would want next to their home. "Contradiction-Driven Design" towards a communal "Common Ground".

Historically, factories used to be part of the city, a place for making, where workers, owners, and users were all in proximity which integrated into urban life, providing stable jobs as well as creating an urban economy.

However, as urban gentrification takes place, factories are shifted on cheaper lands, production, and labor out of town contributing to a global monotonous world. The factories today are typical emotionless and monofunctional in an industrial zone. Hence, GroundScraper aimed to reimagine the form, function and location of industrial architecture at Johor Bahru City Center, Malaysia. The objective is to create a third changing force resulting from the contradiction of ‘real space’ of experience and ‘ideal space’ for a reason.

GroundScraper uses space as a (Common Ground) for the community. Where factory processes could be seen from every angle in the building. Green Pockets carved into building envelops punctures in natural light and ventilation. Amidst the processes, the GroundScraper appears slowly as visitors journey into the sunken courtyard hugging and shaped from the natural terrains of the ground conditions.



Project is proposed on an empty lot in Johor City Center, Malaysia. The site is measured at 3 Acres.
Project Typology : Factory (Industrial)
Project GFA : 29,855.73 sqm
Project NFA : 9,421.26 sqm
Project Site Area : 13,077.71 sqm
Site Plot Ratio : 1:10 (130,777.1 sqm allowable)
Project Floors : 6 Floors + 1 Basement Parking


GroundScraper by Wilson Tan Xern Ee in Malaysia won the WA Award Cycle 28. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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