The Urban fabric of Shanghai has been carried out progressively ever since the city has started emerging skyscrapers and has been transformed with time as these iconic structures were very successful to create its strong identity and they shaped the image of shanghai worldwide.

Sky High is a 650 m tall skyscraper proposed in the Central Business District, Shanghai is projecting an image of futuristic skyscraper which is an emblem of development and technology and upgrades the image of shanghai to carry along this progression of upgrading the image of China as worldwide progressively developing nation.
The site has been located on the Shore of Huangpu River in the central business district, Shanghai. The location is among one of the most prominent location in shanghai as it projects a very strong image urbanistically.

Located in the Central Business District, the site is surrounded by prominent skyscrapers very well globally recognized such as Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai World Finance tower, Shanghai Tower, etc. which have maintained a very strong image of Shanghai Globally.

As a skyscraper, it projects the image of a futuristic intangible image created through a tangible mass and expresses the advancement of technology projecting a successful future of the nation and allowing nation to become a global leader. Sky high having an interesting profile formed by warping rectilinear geometry along with free flowing curvilinear geometry which allows the profile to be unidentical from all the sides and therefore has a strong urban character.



A 650 m tall Skyscraper, 110 floor count

Mohammad Azhar

SKYHIGH- A new rise of Transformation by Mohammad Azhar Khan in China won the WA Award Cycle 28. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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