The 87.000 m2 Loft Terrace sits along the constantly developing Eskisehir highway in the heart of Ankara. Set at a fair distance from the very busy Eskisehir highway, Loft Terrace is a mixed use complex with a predominantly residential program. The Loft Terrace is configured by terracing the floors and rising towards one corner of the site. It is composed of a terraced base, modular retail elements, and several terraced blocks.
The Loft Terrace complex is divided into three zones which move from a public to private gradient. Zone 1 includes retail spaces with supermarkets, furniture/decoration stores, and a luxury automotive showroom. Zone 2 is reserved for social spaces and ‘home-office’ style residences. Zone 3 is strictly composed of student residences.
The overall design of the complex is based on the idea of modularity, variety, terracing, and level changes. In order to provide natural lighting and a variety of spaces at the base of the complex several courtyards at different levels and skylights have been incorporated in the design. Not only from the user perspective but also from a natural perspective, continuation of open spaces and terraces which bring quality to the apartments are important regarding the sustainability of animal species and greenery. Considering its central position in the city, it stands as a landmark which humankind and natural life could coexist in one structure.
The idea of modularity and terracing in the residential portion of the complex provide for a very dynamic and unique façade. Each unit box-like frame extends at different distances, creating a variety of vistas and a sense of privacy. Terracing along the sides of the blocks create a sense of movement upward while generating different unit typologies.
Materiality plays a key role the overall design of the complex. The use of warm tones and natural elements like wood and local stones create an inviting atmosphere.
Loft Terrace provides an alternative solution to the increasing demands of a growing population in the already saturated urban fabric of the city of Ankara, Turkey.



Kerem Yazgan
Begüm Yazgan
Kamer Sağlam Yiğin
Aslı Saraçoğlu
Aytaç Göktürk

LOFT TERRACE by Yazgan Design Architecture in Turkey won the WA Award Cycle 27. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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