Postmodern globalization of economy runs with the high speed and exuberance. The urbicide¹ of cities is turned into a system of provocation by condemnation of the architectural identity. The marketing space exhibits the parasitic promotion of the bright colors and packages, similar food ingrediets, the speed of transport, the smell of petrolium and the lost of the local indentity and substitution instead of preservation. The paranoia of shifting the ecology of standards, sacrifising the nature to the revolutionary synthetic technology, it produces the story of sunshine or noir for the exhibition collection.

The architect is a kinetic body, simply repulsing the energy of recorded artifacts and postwar experience to the generic vacuum. The scientist records the bouncing of the balls, their speed, their accelleration, their rotation and friction. The source of kinetic energetic release lays inside each individum to get away from the generic vacuum of constraints of preplanned societies, architectural styles and economical systems, the voice of discourse and opinion. Since his research project of the Berlin Wall the scientist has gone to the randomness of bouncing balls in space which becomes a tetris of artefacts called non-pavilion, amphitheater, forum and bunker. The non-pavilion is a special space for a kinetic repulsion of education, the simple comprehensive design of artefacts constructing the content of architecture.



Kinetic non-pavilion

Svetlana Starygina

Ecstasy of Debunker by SVETLANA STARYGINA in Austria won the WA Award Cycle 27. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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