Designed by DXMID in 2020, the captivating Ahangama project exemplifies the firm's dedication to responsible design. This innovative co-living space harmoniously intertwines environmental stewardship with a distinctive and unforgettable experience.

Situated in the heart of Sri Lanka's southern coast, Ahangama transcends mere aesthetics and functionality by incorporating sustainable practices throughout its design. Much like a product designer considers an iPhone's life cycle, DXMID has focused on the life cycle assessment of this building, ensuring minimal environmental impact and the ability to recycle at least 98% of its components.

Key sustainability features include:

A green wall that promotes natural cooling and reduces energy consumption
A smart design that maximizes natural ventilation and light, decreasing the reliance on artificial cooling and lighting
Solar panels that generate clean energy to power the building
A comprehensive waste management system that recycles all waste produced by the community
An innovative design that allows the building to be dismantled, relocated, or recycled with minimal environmental impact
The Ahangama project highlights the harmony between modern design, nature, and sustainability. More than just a living space, it stands as a testament to DXMID's commitment to creating eco-conscious designs that inspire connection, creativity, and responsible living. Discover the enchanting world of sustainable co-living in paradise and stay tuned for more updates on exciting projects and design inspiration from DXMID.

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Steel structure employed for its strength, durability, and adaptability
Slab and Walls:

Innovative cement board construction reduces weight by 80%, offering numerous benefits such as ease of installation, lower transportation costs, and reduced environmental impact

Natural ventilation incorporated into the design to optimize airflow, minimize the need for air conditioning, and enhance indoor air quality

Sustainable harvested timber used throughout the project, reflecting a commitment to environmentally responsible sourcing and reducing deforestation
Green Wall Layer:

Exterior green wall layer integrated to provide thermal insulation, reducing energy consumption and promoting a comfortable indoor temperature Ahangama's design showcases a thoughtful approach to sustainability and innovation, with key features like the steel structure, cement board walls, and sustainable harvested timber. By integrating natural ventilation and a green wall layer, this project successfully combines eco-friendly practices with cutting-edge design

Lead Architect: Anurangi Mendis
Lead Designer: Ismael abedin Ingelmo