DXMID's interior design for Beijing's Daxing Airport exemplifies the firm's ability to apply innovative design thinking principles in crafting an exceptional travel experience. Building upon the groundbreaking architectural design led by Zaha Hadid, DXMID has meticulously designed every piece of furniture and space, considering the diverse waiting times of passengers. By adopting a human-centered approach and utilizing design thinking methodology, the firm has seamlessly merged form and function to enhance user satisfaction and create a smooth airport experience.

DXMID's design strategy transcends aesthetic considerations, integrating practical solutions such as dedicated rest areas, coworking spaces, and short-term zones tailored to meet the specific needs of each traveler based on their duration of stay. Moreover, the firm has skillfully incorporated greenery into the design, drawing from scientific studies that highlight the positive effects of natural elements on relaxation and stress reduction. This thoughtful inclusion of green spaces elevates the interior of Daxing Airport, fostering a serene and inviting atmosphere for all visitors.

In conclusion, DXMID's innovative design thinking establishes a new benchmark for airport interiors, delivering an unparalleled experience that prioritizes the comfort and well-being of its users. Through their expertise, DXMID has successfully transformed the airport experience, setting a new standard for future airport designs around the globe with user-centric spaces tailored to accommodate varying waiting times



Technical Data: Daxing Airport's Interior Design by DXMID

Design Approach:

Design thinking methodology
Human-centered approach

Tailored spaces for users depending on their waiting times
Dedicated rest areas
Coworking spaces
Short-term zones

Meticulously designed to cater to varying waiting times
Customized for each type of user
Greenery Integration:

Seamless incorporation of natural elements
Based on scientific studies demonstrating the positive impact on relaxation and stress reduction
Aesthetic Considerations:

Balance between form and function
Creation of a serene and inviting atmosphere
The technical data for Daxing Airport's interior design highlights DXMID's innovative approach to creating user-centric spaces. Utilizing design thinking methodology and a human-centered approach, the firm has tailored spaces and furniture to accommodate users' varying waiting times. The seamless integration of greenery not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the overall well-being of travelers. This well-thought-out design sets a new standard for airport interiors, prioritizing user comfort and satisfaction.

Lead Designer: Ismael Abedin
Junior Designers and assistants : Shanelle Stratenbourg, Sherlene Anthony, Nazka Nazaar, Gihan Fernando,


Ismael Abedin Ingelmo