Carpathian grandeur in the architectural design of the hotel by MAKHNO Studio

The Carpathian Mountains have long been regarded as a sacred haven of power for the Ukrainian people. Each year, an army of travellers ventures towards its misty peaks to realign their physical and spiritual energies amidst the alluring aura of this ancient mountain range. Whether the captivating landscape or the mysterious atmosphere permeates the air, the Carpathian Mountains remain a timeless sanctuary of restoration and renewal for tens of thousands of wanderers seeking to rejuvenate their souls.

As we embarked on our journey to create the KARPATY Hotel, we knew that minimizing our intrusion on the breathtaking natural landscape was paramount. And so, we seamlessly integrated ourselves into the environment, becoming one with the organic beauty that surrounded us.

Our hotel is not just a mere building but a testament to our interpretation of contemporary Ukrainian architecture - a blend of the past and the future. The unspoiled, raw nature that envelops us urged us to create something that was not only simple and organic but also striking and daring, an embodiment of our passion for innovative design.

As you gaze at the KARPATY Hotel from afar, a wondrous sight unfolds before your eyes. Its awe-inspiring structure resembles a magnificent liner, charting its course through the sky, and leaving a trail of clouds in its wake. The majestic contours of the hotel seem to effortlessly cleave through the rugged mountain range, as though they were made for each other. It's a truly mesmerizing spectacle that evokes a sense of wonder and amazement in all who lay their eyes on it.

Nestled in the heart of the hotel's courtyard is a magnificent suspended pool, surrounded by a border of luminous stones that exude a sense of elegance and refinement. But the beauty of this pool is not just skin-deep - the light-coloured stones work in tandem with the sun's rays to create a natural and captivating illumination that bathes the entire area in a warm and welcoming glow. It's a stunning showcase of how the interplay between design and nature can create something truly magical.

At the heart of the building lies a stone garden, as if it has withstood the test of time since the very birth of the Carpathian Mountains. Its design is a reflection of the majestic peaks, reaching towards the sun with the roof extending in a harmonious mountain-like fashion. The garden exudes an aura of agelessness, as if it has been there for aeons, yet continues to inspire wonder and awe in all who behold its ancient beauty.

The village's monochromatic hues envelop guests in a feeling of peace and safety. As if a painter's brush has delicately swept over the landscape, each room boasts its own bewitching view through carefully crafted panoramic windows. Towering majestically on the mountainside, a colossal hall dominates the space, adding an element of grandeur to the overall design.

Our design shapes took cues from the natural world. With a keen eye for detail, we delved into the intricacies of mountain contours, translating their essence into a one-of-a-kind staircase design that blends seamlessly with its surroundings.

The foyer walls boast a mesmerizing 3D decor, adding a touch of depth and dimension to the space. This stunning visual effect was crafted through the use of QUADROPOD, a signature 3D tile perfected by the MAKHNO studio.
Our endeavour to blend the hotel into its natural surroundings has been a resounding success, with the property appearing as a seamless continuation of the landscape. Perched atop the summit like an age-old oak tree, the hotel serves as an eternal sentinel of the peaks, beckoning contemporary families to relish a contemporary family vacation within its protective fold.


Type: hotel
Area: 4000 sq.m
Location: Carpathian Mountains
Year: 2022



Makhno Studio