A modern library built by Hassan Sharif Askari and has an output with artificial intelligence tools. This library is parametric and modeled after the famous architect Zaha Hadid. Zero to a hundred projects have been taken over by artificial intelligence.
The purpose of this project is to design a large and modern open space for the access of most people who are interested in reading books.

Modern and Large Libraries: A Space for Learning and Innovation

Libraries have always been important spaces for learning, research and innovation, but in recent years, modern and large libraries have become even more essential for communities and institutions around the world. These libraries not only offer traditional resources such as books and journals, but also provide access to new media and technology, collaborative workspaces, and innovative programs and events.

One of the main features of modern and large libraries is their ability to integrate technology into their spaces. Many libraries now offer high-speed internet, digital media resources, and access to online databases, giving patrons the opportunity to access a vast array of information at their fingertips. Additionally, modern libraries often feature interactive displays, touch screens, and multi-media rooms, providing a dynamic and engaging environment for learning and exploration.

Another notable feature of modern and large libraries is their emphasis on collaboration and community building. These libraries often include open-concept workspaces, group study rooms, and communal areas for events and gatherings. This focus on collaboration and social interaction not only fosters a sense of community within the library, but also encourages the exchange of ideas and knowledge among patrons.

In addition to offering traditional resources and collaborative spaces, modern and large libraries also provide innovative programs and events to meet the diverse needs of their patrons. These programs may include workshops, lectures, author readings, and cultural events, all of which contribute to the library's role as a hub for learning and cultural enrichment.

Despite the many technological advancements and changes in the way we consume information, modern and large libraries remain essential spaces for learning, research and innovation. They offer a unique opportunity to access a wealth of knowledge and resources, collaborate with others, and engage in a variety of programs and events. As such, libraries will continue to play a vital role in our communities and institutions for years to come.

In conclusion, modern and large libraries are more than just repositories for books and information. They are dynamic and engaging spaces that foster collaboration, community building, and innovation. Through their integration of technology, collaborative workspaces, and innovative programming, modern libraries provide a platform for learning and enrichment that is essential for individuals, communities, and institutions alike.



Artificial intelligence / Library / Modern / Parametric

Made by: Hasan Sharif Askari
by tool: Artificial intelligence (AI)


Hasan Sharif Askari

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