A tasteful elegance manifests through earthy Indian materials and custom-crafted pieces of furniture in this compact 360 square yard three-bedroom home, with its charming 12 feet-high ceilings, located in the heart of Gurugram. At first impression, the facade captures our attention through an unconventional play of materials such as wood, metal, stone, and glass that results in a distinctive exterior. The condensed site area maximizes the height of the villa, inherently bringing a sense of grandeur.

The generously sun-lit home has been transformed into some form of a sparse tropical paradise washed in oceanic tones with an occasional hint of blue, green, and brown in an otherwise soothing minimalist tapestry. The elements of wood and contoured silhouettes reflect the design sensibilities of clients and the architect that synchronize to form the villa. This home belongs to a nuclear family of three- a prestigious proprietor running a business under the popular name- Bella Madonna Salon, his Artist partner, and their daughter. The homeowners discovered their own aesthetic as they designed their home with the dynamic architect duo- Bhuvan and Gagandeep Kapila, Principals at Workshop for Metropolitan Architecture, and now the house speaks for them.

Every aspect of the home is meant to express elegance. There are no sharp edges or sudden bursts of colour. The furniture is mostly in curves, an ode to the relaxing shape of arches and domes. The artworks crafted by the homeowner lend a sense of personalization and influence the tropical feel, along with a smattering of sculptural art pieces handpicked by her. An abundance of natural light entering through ample skylights and wall-sweeping windows, along with green cover infused at places, completely enliven the home and add a masterful layer to the design story.

The home welcomes us with a lobby on the ground floor, and living, dining & bedrooms planned on the subsequent floors, along with a pooja room and a lounge. The robust staircase with glass railing connects the home physically and aesthetically through idiosyncratic pendant lighting installed. The living room exudes comfort and warmth, with wooden textures embellishing the walls and ceiling. The feature wall in Chinese granite acts as an artwork in itself. Sheer linen curtains framing tall windows filter the sunlight and add a sheen to the deep blue velvet sofa and a hand-knotted rug—one of many others in the home—woven in the shades of nature. Hints of gold make regular appearances throughout the home in furnishings and decor.

The 12 feet high dining area remains at the heart of the home, letting the family relish the expanse of the property. The unexpected pop of blues in the dining makes a vibrant atmosphere, while the skylight with hanging pendants complements the ambience. The chromatic central theme becomes interesting when noted against the light, minimalist backdrop, highlighting this

space from others. The lounge is strategically placed to overlook the vast living and dining areas forming an open expanse of communal spaces.

While the sober tones of beige resurface in the master bedroom, the daughter’s bedroom is highlighted by shades of pink and grey. Floral patterns and metallic accents stay common in both bedrooms, along with the Michelangelo marble flooring that is seamlessly laid throughout the home.

The multipurpose area on the topmost floor is designed as a conservatory cum art gallery of the homeowner, a Master Artist. The space showcases an eclectic aesthetic, with an array of artworks and family photographs, making it a more personalized space. The artistic details in the furniture and decor add to the ambience of the space, and the somber colour palette makes the artworks stand out. This art gallery opens up to a deck surfaced with a green landscape and planters. This cozy outdoor space allows the family to gather together and enjoy their time outdoors.

Thus, this modern home is a manifestation of homeowners’ desires and aspirations that make it a personalized haven to relax and rejuvenate.


Area - 3240 sqft
Location: Gurugram
Completion Date: 2022
Photo courtesy: Vaibhav Bhatiya

Team Workshop for Metropolitan Architecture


Vaibhav Bhatiya