Boma Bliss is designed to rekindle a sense of home, fostering a feeling of ownership and belonging for children. Refugee children, who often face instability and a lack of control in their lives, have the opportunity to create something uniquely their own by getting to imagine a new reality beyond their surroundings to form their dreams and fantasies. They create their own unique play experiences using the elements provided, opening up boundless opportunities for creativity and enjoyment. Through this process, they develop vital skills, building together with their peers. As they collaborate, their friendship grows, fostering a sense of community development and innovation within the group. The play module also aims to instill a sense of security within its design.

The module is thoughtfully crafted with play elements on every wall, enabling children to endlessly create their own games. Additionally: it encompasses two play realms: the inner world connecting the modules interiors and the Outer World, formed by the porous upper section, accessible by climbing the peripheral walls. There are three Lego walls, each adorned with building blocks in square, rectangle, and triangle shapes. The combination and removal of these blocks offer diverse play opportunities while also fostering sensorial learning experiences. Within, there are two plugin walls featuring holes, accompanied by cylindrical wooden logs that can be inserted into these openings. Ropes are hung from the roof with wooden logs tied at its bottom. The entrance to the inner world of the module is defined by a framed wall.


The flooring is done using rubber tiles, which are recyclable and create a positive and secure environment for kids. Structural framework is constructed with timber as it is strong and durable. The building blocks have a Push-Pull technique on its surface for connecting each other. Wall panels and building blocks are made of recycled HDPE plastic lumber, durable and low maintenance required with added heat resistance to survive the extreme climate condition.

Designers: Lulu Hasan, Safa Shukkur, Labeeb Jan
Tutor: Vishnu Krishna Kurup


Labeeb Jan

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