Paris. The Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, The Louvre, Mona Lisa, the writers, the art, the
fashion, the creativity, and the French patisserie. A whole train of thought comes to mind
whenever we think of this beautiful city of lights, leaving us with a strong lingering desire to visit
and experience the sheer magic the place has to offer! But to travel such distances is easier
said than done now, isn’t it? Coming to the rescue in these times of woe is the hospitality and
gastronomical industry, bringing us all an encapsulating experience, carving out a little piece of
heaven for us in the middle of the urban Indian context!
The unmatched joy of indulging in the whiff of a perfectly-brewed cup of cappuccino alongside
the aroma of breakfast bakes or a plate of juicy fresh fruits in a charming setting with
garden-fresh bouquets of flowers and watching the day and people pass you while being seated
in the outdoor area, on the cobblestone streets - this was the grounding goal for the upcoming
new Cafe. Ar. Abhigyan Neogi, Founder and Principal Architect at Chromed Design Studio,
wanted this space to encapsulate an untainted European Cafe’s experience. Ushering it to life in
the heart of Chanakyapuri, Delhi, Abhigyan’s creative soul expresses his deep-seated love for
Parisian aesthetics and boulangerie, evoking a metaphysical curiosity and a fervent sense of
individualism through this project- Cafe de Flora.
The site of this cafe brings two structures to the table, where the brief was straightforward and
simple- to give a cottage-like feel to the space. Additionally, to add a unique edge to the space,
the idea of inspiration from flower shops in Paris came to being. The cafe is divided into four
zones- the smaller of the two cottages habituates the kitchen, while the bigger one
accommodates the cafe with indoor seating and an extensive bar. The third zone becomes the
amoeba-shaped space in between both cottages, where the outdoor seating is aligned. Last but
not least is the entry to the cafe- conceptualized as an entrance to a florist, lined with a fresh
supply of flowers, imparting a fragrant welcome into the Florentine experience this place has to
As far as the first impressions are concerned, the expressiveness from the streets of Paris is
incorporated into the facade. All of it- the fluted panels of bison board, the floral arrangement to
amp up the character of the space, the arched and panelled windows, the glowing name of the
cafe, or the paint that adorns and brings out the light shades of whites and pinks of the bloom,
the entry to this boho chic cafe calls out to all the bohemian souls out there! The curation of
these design elements is not just about what France has to offer but also about the distinctive
culture that the city has captured and embodied over the years.
Moments after one crosses the picturesque Parisian storefront, they come face-to-face with the
quintessential, charming vintage interiors of the place. From the vegetation suspended from the
ceilings to the prim furniture interspersed throughout the space, this place carries a certain
femininity. To achieve and arrive at the rare colour that graces the walls was a result of twenty
rounds of paint sampling! Apart from this, the palette largely comprises of white and black
monotones, wallpapers, and wooden textures. To balance the freshness and cool-hued interiors,

wooden flooring is laid, initiating warmth and geniality. Continuing the furnishings and furniture
on the same lines, a design language of everything all-white in wrought iron garden furniture
was followed. As heavy as it sounds, the chairs were designed in a way that they continue the
Victorian feel instead of a bulky one. To negate the robustness of iron, heavy and thick
cushioning was added, bringing comfort to the guests dining here. While the soft curves and
waves on the backrests of chairs define delicacy, the table is topped with marble for ease of
maintenance and makes it sturdy, also keeping the theme of the cafe intact. Similarly, the
lighting is kept around the idea of the French Riviera. Vintage wrought iron fixtures finished in
golden colour are suspended from the white PVC ceiling.
Dripping with elegance, the lighting theme continues in the same language in the outdoor
seating area, differing in tone and shade, changing to rustic black. This outdoor space is an
irregularly shaped area between both cottages, reflecting the idea of Parisian streets, with
tables aligned alongside the windows of the structure. For a synonymously defined continuation
of space, the live kitchen is also finished in the same way the facade is. This helps the guests to
weave a story of relevance and relativity. To top it all off, the toughened glass partition
separating the two spaces is designed to be sliding-folding doors that open up to spill the
interiors out to the outdoors, cohesively binding the whole cafe together. While the kitchen
engages the user in activity on the exterior, the bar's activities occupy people's attention in the
interiors. Inculcating a sense of earthiness in the Indian context, the flooring in this area is
dominated by colourful tiles, giving the absolutely beautiful beiges, blues, purples, and greens of
the cafe life by balancing out elements.
Be it the wide boulevards and pavements of France or the cozy lanes and roads of India,
innovation, and ingenuity has no boundaries. In a nutshell, your hunt for an artistic and creative
cafe space in the capital comes to an end with Cafe de Flora. All these design decisions sew
together a thoroughly bespoke instagrammable cafe in the heart of New Delhi, becoming the
ideation hub for countless future writers and artists, the same way cafes in Paris do.




Abhigyan Neogi, Prashant Mallick, Kopal Kumar, Vasundhra Nathawat


Cafe de Flora