Located at Shendang Town, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province - the hometown of the famous Chinese writer Yu Hua, the project designs a Yellow Rice Wine Museum for the locally well-known Shendang Brewery. As the leading sector of the local brewing industry and even a significant economic pillar, yellow rice wine's production is closely tied to local people's life, which carries their deep sentiments toward self-made wine. The design team hopes that the familiar elements such as space, material and cultural symbols will attract more attention to the history and traditions of the brewing industry to increase local people's confidence in regional culture and crafts.

The design team draws inspiration from traditional wine jars stacked in the plant, which presents the aesthetics of repetition. With jars as the starting point, the design adopts half of its shell structure as the basic element and spatial module for the architecture and combines them in different angles to form a proportional layout and an organic form. The semi-buried design underwater satisfies the basic needs for ventilation, temperature and humidity to store wine. It also decreases the scale of architecture, which forms a harmonious relationship with the old street and the surrounding environment. In terms of cultural context, the design team hopes that the museum can remind visitors of the working scenes that people cleaned up the jars in the river in the old days, and arouse the "sleeping" town and a rustic sense of homesickness.


Project area: 3000㎡

Chief designer: Mo Zhoujin
Design team: Wu Hegen, Qu Jie, Lou Xuantan



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