The feeling of belonging yet divided by fissure in earth. The bloodline which runs the same guarded by the unknown and unspeakable bond. The land was partitioned due to the ongoing differences between the dominating segments as to maintain peace in the region, but they couldn't break the bond which was created before these feuds. We are so close and yet so far behind the imaginary line. “A brief moment in time making us one again: putting aside, to celebrate the divide and cherish this present nostalgia which was once lost."

This project is based on the Line of Control (LOC), centered between Indian and Pakistan Administered Kashmir- a temporary boundary separating the two regions since a “ceasefire line” was declared in 1949. Due to its flawed demarcation, it led to the division of millions of locals and families.
The primary aim of this thesis is to think beyond war and conflict which has enmeshed the region since ages. The focus is to emphasize and reunite the families which are divided on both sides of the border by giving them a mutual space to create a sense of belonging without any divisions and barriers. It will ‘celebrate that divide’ by encompassing a program which will generate feeling of collective nostalgia through experiential architecture.
A new type of architectural typology was introduced where bridges is used as place of destination rather than just connection here the bridge will morph itself into 'Zero Line (LOC)' by giving local families a neutral space to reunite, celebrate and contemplate



Location: Chilehana - Teetwal border crossing between India and Pakistan. (LOC)
The Challenge was to create something which is not purely on one region. The project is centered over Line of control which is 50 percent on both sides. The difficulty of the project was to cater the fast flowing (Neelum river) between two regions and heavily contoured slopes.
The bridge which also serves as a meeting point and walking path with two slopes on both sides two show differences between two regions until the slope joined at one common point where they reunite at equal level to become one.
To make the building lightweight spaceframe structure is used and there is complex dedicated steel arch structure with long brackets is used to hold the building over the rive.

Individual Undergrad Thesis.

Supervisor Name:
AR. Uzma Kabir
AR. Faisal Arshad
AR. Lakhte Haider
AR, Sannah Ejaz


Malik Muhammad Irnain Haider