TOTO Indonesia HQ was constructed in the center of Jakarta, in the midst of the intense light and noise of the rapidly growing city. Since TOTO is a manufacturer of sanitary ware, water is a very important keyword and image.

Our objective of this project was “to create a place reminiscent of abundant everyday-life experiences produced by clear water. "The “light from water reflecting the city" at the entrance gives an impression of TOTO’s corporate identity color, blue.

The “light from flowing water” is expressed on the escalator walls that connect showroom floors, and the “light from a quiet pond” in the showrooms. TOTO is a Japanese company, howeverTOTO Indonesia is not an overseas branch of the Japanese company TOTO. It is a joint venture between TOTO and a local enterprise, and all design decisions were made in Indonesia.

We are Japanese designers.
However, since the construction site is Indonesia, together with Shimizu Corporation (PT Shimizu Bangun Cipta Kontraktor). By patiently implementing a robust and flexible concept, our designs connected the different cultures of Indonesia and Japan, the different building technologies and materials and different minds.

The GDP of Indonesia is demonstrating rapid economic growth and is predicted to be the fourth largest in the world in 2050, overtaking Japan, the current fourth largest, which will drop to seventh. We believe that this project experience will connect Japan and Jakarta, leading to innovations through intercultural exchanges.



Jalan Letjen S Parman Kav. 81
Jakarta Barat 11420 - INDONESIA
62 21 29298686
62 21 5682282

My name is Okubo from the Japanese design company "Field four design office".

I have been in charge of the Jakarta project.
- MNC media tower

The project currently in progress is Tokyu BRANZ Mega Kuningan
- BRANZ Mega Kuningan


Hiroshi Tsujitani